The three most distinguishing features of the 3rd generation Harrier are. The Interiors with exceptional furnishings, the second three new motor kinds, and the third point is the greatest degree of security management ever. The third-generation toyota harrier singapore price was released worldwide when the 2nd gen Harrier was phased out, and that was marketed as a fresh Harrier with all flaws fixed. For its turbocharged motor and high security, which the preceding Harrier lacked, this production is perhaps the most famous. Let’s look more closely at the 3rd generation Harrier.

Interior with outstanding material

Usually, internal materials are chosen once the design is completed, however with the third generation Harriers, the materials are chosen beforehand in order to finish the layout. This has a concave section in the back seat to create more room. The prior wooden design was not the same as the 3-dimensional dry transfer wooden design panels. It was centered on a picture of a wooden pipe absorbing fluid metal, and the feeling of richness was more apparent than ever.

The highest level of safety

In this 3rd generation of Harrier, each and every “stylishness” vehicle and above are equipped with a collision-avoidance system, “collision safety”. Cars of finest class and above have “lane exit warning”. In the “Special Advanced Package”, the “Panoramic vision screen” support for left and right checks has been adjusted. When you compare the third-gen car with its predecessors that is the first and the second-gen harrier, it offers a greater security routine.