Everything You Need To Know About The National Silver Academy

Learning does not have any specific age. People of all ages can get lifelong learning and get inspired. The national silver academy or NSA aims at supporting and encouraging seniors by offering them lifelong lessons. This academy focuses on broadening the learning opportunities for the seniors and creating a revolution. This academy helps to break down barriers and open opportunities for affordable learning.

Two types of courses by NSA

There are plenty of courses that the National Silver Academy supports. These courses are oriented toward life skills. Individuals with 50 years of age or above can consider taking up courses by NSA. Seniors who can participate in these courses can enjoy course fee subsidies. This encourages and motivates more seniors to take up these courses offered by the National Silver Academy. There are two categories of courses that this academy offers:

  •     Short Courses: You can find topics related to life skills and work skills in these courses. These courses can impart relevant skills to many seniors for helping them to deal with their regular lifestyle.
  •     En Exam-free module: This course offers many opportunities to seniors to participate in lectures and tutorials. Seniors can access these tutorials and lectures with other students. The seniors don’t need to sit for these examinations. They can pursue any courses just for credits.

Enroll for National Silver Academy online

Many educational institutions and other community-based organizations work under the national silver academy. Together, they offer the best and affordable courses to almost 50 years of age or more seniors. These short courses are public courses that any senior can enroll in for better learning opportunities. These courses are quite relevant and helpful for seniors. You can enroll in these courses online.